Happy New Year, bella gente.

What might happen next? The new year began several hours ago.

I want to be able to focus on reading. Just read more. I have a few books to finish, and a few to begin. But I’m afraid I can’t. But I wouldn’t mind doing it. In particular, I would like to conclude Lamb by Christopher Moore. A gift I received a few years ago, of which I read only a few pages just before Christmas. But the few pages I have read are certainly interesting for further reading.
I just need to focus—time and abandonment of distractions.

Yes, the mind reminds me of obligations towards my soul, towards myself, towards which it is clear that I cannot escape anymore.
Must have a circle. A circle of a journey that began I don’t even remember when, and this is the most difficult thing I haven’t been able to do in recent years.

What we do may be complicated, and painful, but closing the circle is obligatory to find the inner balance we need. But it takes strength, courage and inspiration. Okay, this last one does not miss, if they are the first two that have escaped in recent years.
The notebook helped me write those words that remind me. I write these words from under the covers, because it is still cold at home, and the heating is still on for too little. I must remember to move the timer, at least thirty minutes before, each day I advance my awakening. Naturally, I wake up even if I don’t feel like it and it’s still dark out. Time to get up, take a shower, and make myself some coffee with the flashy red, Bialetti mocha I had for Christmas.

And then, afterwards, I have to do what I feel is useful to try to put everything in order, in these first days of the year, that is, try to finish what I understand or well that is incomplete and I am also writing it just now on this spreadsheet.

In those cases, when you feel that way, it is said to “make peace with yourself“. I believe that is the right thing to do. But I’m only in the first step and the staircases in front I see them stiff and long. But I have to start somewhere and today I’m going to make that first move. Now I get out of bed, I want coffee… Happy New Year, everyone.



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