united kingdom flag tied to a wooden bench

It’s The Season Finale of the “UK”. Could You predict how It will finish?

Is everybody enjoying the season finale of the UK?

From mainland Europe, it’s like watching a Netflix series.
You just can’t make the plot any thicker.

Anyway, now the story got too ridiculous for me.
Sometimes these satirical shows stretch the credibility of the audience too far.
I switched to another country. If we want to be honest, this is just a poor imitation of the USA Trump show that only ran for one season.

They should have stopped at the first season, in my opinion.
Because it has been a bit predictable for the last 6 years with many repeats, bland dialogue, and too many drinks and parties.

Also, How many lies we will listen to before he is caught and sacked? I think it’s too many circumstances that would never be allowed in everyday life.

Isn’t credible that part.
Not either for this Sci-Fi series on Netflix.

I keep waiting for the twist where someone saves the day but really can’t see how they’re going to pull that off…

I’m sorry to be tough, but the USA version was better writers and probably sponsors helped a lot.

So now, in this that I hope it’s the last season, will it be better than the USA version where they storm the Capital at the end of the first series?

“So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.”

— Norton Juster

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